Can't delete a tweet with the Twitter API


hope someone can help me. Have problems with the Twitter API.
I use tmhOAuth to communicate with Twitter. All functions work very well, except the delete of tweets. It come the message: “Sorry, did page does not exist Code: 34 (HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found)”.
I use the following code:

$ tmhOAuth = new tmhOAuth (array (
‘consumer_key’ => ‘consumer_key’
‘consumer_secret’ => ‘consumer_secret’
‘user_token’ => ‘access_token’,
‘user_secret’ => ‘access_token_secret’

$ code = $ tmhOAuth-> request (‘POST’, $ tmhOAuth-> url ('1 .1/statuses/destroy '), array (
‘id’ => $ id

Perhaps someone can help me with the problem and knows a solution?

Thank you,


now I have found the Problem. The following solved the Problem: