Can't create widgets


Saw a post which is now closed, but I don’t see an answer. I have been creating twitter widgets for ages, but suddenly, every time I try Settings–> Widgets
I get the error Something is technically wrong.Thanks for noticing—we’re going to fix it up and have things back to normal soon.

Any ideas what I can do? Been experiencing the problen for a month now, and the only thing that hasc changed is that we are physically in a different country.


What kind of widget are you trying to create? Our new portal lets you create embedded timelines for accounts, lists, collections etc.


We have had the same problem for a few months, managing widgets through

New widgets can still be created via, however we have reached our 100 widget limit on an account, and there is no way to access the list of widgets to delete old ones.

The search page still offers the option to create an embeded search, so I presume this should still be a live working feature, e.g.

  2. More options > Embed this search

The new portal does not offer a basic search widget, so unfortunately is not a suitable replacement.

Many thanks.


No solution to this?


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