Can't create Promoted-Only tweet with multiple images(media)


Hi, there
POST accounts/:account_id/tweet
I used the API above with multiple values in media_ids, but only the first one seems to be used.

My request seems like this:

POST /0/accounts/gq0uvu/tweet …

The request param in the response has multiple values in media_ids which means the server parsed media_ids as expected. And of the tweet has only one element, the first one.
Is it an issue?


Any help?



Sorry for the delay in replying to this one.

This is a known issue with this particular endpoint’s response, but please confirm that the multiple images were in fact created by calling the REST API tweet endpoint:
twurl “/1.1/statuses/show.json?id=”

The Advertiser API is essentially acting like a wrapper and not returning all of the data which has been created, please let us know if this does not solve your concerns.




@JBabichJapan @is1ue Can you please confirm that this is no longer an issue?