Can't create hashtag search timeline widget anymore


I found this doc page, the links don’t work but this is the kind of widget I’m finding impossible to create now:

When I got to and enter a hashtag it only displays the option to create a button widget. When I add a search url with a hashtag for example it give me the option to create en embedded timeline widget but when I choose the option I get the following error message: Sorry, we can’t create an embed for that. It may have been deleted or made private. Please try again.

Any hashtag search timeline widget previously created still works though for example on this site:


Adding screenshots, this seems to be a bug in


This is a problem with the documentation, which we should remove. The search timelines were deprecated and removed in May, and will cease to function from July 27.


Just to clarify: There isn’t any workaround left to get a filtered (by hashtag) widget?


That’s correct.


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