Can't create funding instrument


The funding_instrument was removed from our account in the sandbox:

twurl -H “/1/accounts/gq1014/funding_instruments”

When trying to create a funding_instrument using v1 of the API as documented at we get an error:

twurl -H -X POST “/1/accounts/gq1014/funding_instrument?currency=USD&type=CREDIT_CARD&start_time=2016-03-13T03:04:05Z&credit_limit_local_micro=50000000”
{“errors”:[{“code”:“ROUTE_NOT_FOUND”,“message”:“The requested resource could not be found”}],“request”:{“params”:{}}}

I assume that means we can’t create funding_instruments at all in the sandbox? How do we get a test funding_instrument set back up to unblock us? Thanks.


I am also having trouble creating funding instrument. But instead of a The requested resource could not be found
message, I am getting a 500 response. Could anyone advise?


The request you’re making was slightly incorrect. The entity name should be pluralized (as are all of Ads API nouns), so the complete resource URL is

You should be able to successfully create funding instruments using that resource URL



Could you add more detail per our Guideline for Reporting Issues?


@hwz - all set, thanks.


The problem seemed to be transient, I cannot replicate that anymore. Thanks!