Can't Create An App - It Refused


Hi, I just created a new twitter account for our new website. I added a twitter widget that requires an API code, secret word, etc.

I tried to create an app and got this rude message:

We protect against potentially abusive behavior. Your request has been rejected for now. Please try again later or contact Platform Operations through

Why did I get this? How do I create an app for our festival’s twitter feed?


Apologies for the message; it could be clearer.

That said, I would suggest that you use the support page, and I can follow up on the ticket.



Can you lead me to the support page? I did send an email and got a generic response saying to post on the forum or that that was not the place to ask. (used link in the message)



Hi Patrice,
You do not need to create a Twitter account to display Tweets on your website. It is better to use a Twitter Timeline widget instead, which loads the latest Tweets onto your page using JavaScript.


I need to place a widget on a sidebar of a wordpress theme. The code created will not work in that instance. I need a widget.


You should be able to add the generated markup as a Text / HTML widget in WordPress.