Can't Create Access Token


I’ve been trying since yesterday afternoon to create an Access Token for an app I’m working on for a client (their username is ReserveGR). Every time I try, I get a message saying it was successfully created but that it may take a moment for my changes to reflect. Even after hours of waiting, I still haven’t gotten my access token.

I’ve seen a few other complaints about this and they all seem to be resolved, but I’m still having issues.


We are aware of the issue with tokens not updating on We are actively working on fixing the problem. The actual values are updated but due to a cache issue the display is not.

Tracked in, follow there (and subscribe) for updates.


Fixed now, updated.


still having the same issue , page relaod with no access token created !!


Thanks, I’m able to see a token under my account now. I’m still having issues creating one with my client’s account (@ReserveGR) which is what I really need right now.