Can't create a dev environment



I have 2 people in my team - one admin and one developer. The developer has created the app.

On the page where one creates up to 3 development environments the three buttons on the RHS of the page that I know should be there to create the environments are not present, either to the developer or the admin person.

One possibly relevant fact: the admin had previously created and then deleted 3 environments for an earlier app.


Hello @dongoozle,

I think I follow your situation, but please feel free to clarify if not.

At this point in time, you are going to have to have the developer account that created the app to attach it to a dev environment. Our product team is actively considering improvements to this process, but for now, this is the way that things are working.


Hello Dan,

Many thanks for contacting me.

The developer @dongoozle has created the app but on the page there should be 3 buttons on the RHS I believe, in order to associate the 3 dev ends with the app. But these buttons simply are not there. Hope I’m explaining this OK.

Kind regards



Forgive me, but I’m not sure what you are referring to when you say ‘RHS’.

You can see on our pricing pages that you are limited to the number of dev environments per product.


Hello Dan,

I should have said RHS = right hand side.

I currently have no development environments set up.

I attach a screenshot of the page to which I refer and I believe there should be three buttons on the right hand side of the page which enable me to create the three development environments, and they’re not there!

Kind regards


I believe that the application administrator has just applied the ‘developer’ role to your profile. Learn more about this here. Can you please request that the administrator apply the admin role to your account so you can set up a dev environment for your products?