Can't Connect to Twitter Authentication Page


I’ve developed a webApp using twitteroauth by @abraham

Everything worked great on localhost but problem started when I uploaded the app on my server. The redirect.php page (or simply put the connection to the authentication page is never made) returns 0 http code. I’ve been trying to solve/look for a solution since last week but no luck look till now.

Having said that I checked the my server time zone as well and it is set to UTC, hence no problems here.

PS: I am using a free hosting service right now. Before that I used two different services (they were free as well). Maybe that’s an issue?? I don’t know.
Moreover, just to test, I uploaded the exact code on the server that @abraham has written. Yes I changed the token values (Updated) and the callback url in the config.php (I had to create one, since there’s no file with such name). But still the connection to twitter is never made.