Can't access POST /1/stats/jobs/accounts/:account_id


I haven’t been able to successfully make a request to POST /1/stats/jobs/accounts/:account_id. I now believe this is because I don’t have read AND WRITE access as mentioned as necessary for post requests at Am I right when I say I need write access to access that post endpoint?

If so I need to upgrade our API partnership. The only other options would be to query the 7-day GET synchronous endpoint and combine requests into one big request. This is very computationally heavy though.

Sudden Error 403

If I can’t use the asynchronous endpoint I am also unable to query segmented metrics, which is important for our application.


Hi @Derek-Cyfe - Thanks for posting this! There is indeed a bug right now that is prohibiting partners with read-only access from successfully using async analytics. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hold tight - we’re working on it. I’ll update here when I have more info. Thanks!


Thank you very much @jillblaz :slight_smile:


Hi @Derek-Cyfe,

This was a puzzler but I think we might have the solution.

Please go to and open the Ads API app. Go to the Permissions tab. That will need to be set to Read+Write.

Please let me know if this fixes things. This is definitely something we need to call out in the docs - thanks for surfacing it.


It is now working as expected! Thanks for all the help @jillblaz