Can't access all of my Twitter Apps on



I’m not sure if this is the correct place to post this but I can’t find anywhere else relevant. When I visit and log in, I cannot access all of the Twitter apps I have previously created. Additionally, any Twitter apps I create using this account do not appear in the list of apps, however, the create appears to work successfully. If I know the magic Twitter App Id which appears in the URL when I create it, then I can return and edit those apps, however, there doesn’t seem to be any way of me finding this out from an API call or otherwise.

Obviously, it’s a little annoying that I can’t manage apps as all I really want to do is update a graphic on a recently created app.

Has anyone experienced similar problems?



Can you show a screenshot of what you see, and perhaps a token of an app that is no longer visible?



Thanks for the reply. I’ve uploaded a screenshot of what we see, however, it just looks like the bottom of the list has been reached.

As for a token, I can supply the Consumer Key (dSdM8GDvn3NLuQUCq1JkRJ7mG) for one such app (called “Support your Commonwealth Team”), however, it would take a while to compile a list of all the apps which I believe to be affected if that was necessary.

Thanks for your help.


Is there any update on this? We’ve not seen any change to my Apps dashboard and has been around a month since we first reported the problem


I have the exact same problem.
The list doesn’t show all my apps and when I create a new one I have to make sure I write down all the information because after I continue the app cannot be found back.


Apologies for the delay. I’ve brought it to our eng team’s attention as PREL-15234.

Will report back what I hear.


Thanks! I can now see one additional app compared to what I could before, however, I still believe there are more to come!


Is there any update on this? It’s been over a month since we’ve heard anything.



As an update we have a specific app ID which definitely formerly belonged to this account and now no longer appears. When we attempt to access this app, we received a not authorized error message. The app ID is 1353547.

Are there any further updates on this? It is extremely frustrating to not be able to update apps that we have created!


Once again it’s been over a month since we last bumped this issue and still every app I create disappears as soon as I create it on this account. The latest app affected by this has app ID 9005548. Any update at all would be appreciated!


Are there any updates on this? It has now been 4 months!


@stormideas hey there - this has been fixed! Can you login and let us know if you can see all of your apps now?


Yes indeed it is! Thank you for your help!


We’re currently using an app on twitter for OAuth authentication and signup. It is working fine but unable to see the app on the developer panel. The application management interface shows only one option: To create a new app.

How do I access the Twitter App that we created and is in use currently?