Cann't find card id in scheduled_tweet with a card



I want to get the detail of card which is associated with a scheduled_tweet.

The steps I thought to get it.

Step1. Retrieve the scheduled_tweets detail using GET accounts/:account_id/scheduled_tweets
Step2. Find card id placed in the response of Step1.

But I cann’t find a property related to “card_id”.

      "completed_at": null,
      "id_str": "930430586212073472",
      "text": "UIから予約投稿ツイートテスト",
      "user_id": "865426208527237125",
      "scheduled_status": "SCHEDULED",
      "id": 930430586212073500,
      "media_ids": [],
      "nullcast": true,
      "created_at": "2017-11-14T13:41:52Z",
      "scheduled_at": "2017-12-30T15:00:00Z",
      "card_uri": null,
      "updated_at": "2017-11-14T13:42:24Z",
      "tweet_id": null,
      "media_keys": []

Split the card_id from the text ("text": "UIから予約投稿ツイートテスト") is the only way for now?
But how to know the card type ?



Currently, you need to parse it out of the text.

For future product design, what is your use case to pull card ID from a scheduled_tweet?


We want to get the detail of the card associated with a tweet.
So if the “card id” is needed.