Cannot verify mobile number (India) for a locked account


BUG/ISSUE Identified on Twitter platform

I created a couple of more accounts we needed for our Brand. And just after sign up the account was locked for automated behavior. I don’t understand why it was detected but it was a false positive. I was just creating a secondary brand account manually.

Anyway after the lock, it asked for mobile number verification in order to unlock and continue. When we tried to verify the phone number, we failed. There was no phone call or SMS for verification code. It tells,will get code on call but no call was ever received. We tried 10 times. Is the Call based phone number verification not working for India? If yes, its a serious issue and was quite frustrating for us. Now it neither allows login nor lets us verify the phone number. We’re struck.

We cannot login or create apps now due to this locking. Please suggest what’s happening and how to resolve?