Cannot upload video



Hello, I have been trying for ages to get a video upload to work. I am trying to get the last block of code in this blog post - - to work (since the video is hosted in an s3 bucket).

This video is the output of an AWS elastic transcoder job using a preset that AWS Support created for me and which they are sure conforms to your requirements.

At my last attempt, the data passed to the T.postMediaChunked callback was:

“media_id”: 1070702097660670000,
“media_id_string”: “1070702097660669954”,
“media_key”: “7_1070702097660669954”,
“size”: 3075310,
“expires_after_secs”: 86400,
“processing_info”: {
“state”: “pending”,
“check_after_secs”: 1

The data passed to the‘media/metadata/create’) callback was:


And the error passed to the‘statuses/update’) callback was:

{ errors: [ { code: 324, message: ‘Not valid video’ } ] }

Please help ASAP before I lose my mind :slight_smile:


That S3 bucket doesn’t seem to be accessible (anymore?) so I’m unable to test the video - I’d usually recommend running the large video upload sample - it is written in Python, but known to work - and if it does work, comparing the steps the node code is taking with the Python code.