Cannot upload Audio Clips to Twitter via API/Audio Cards


Our team has tried numerous ways to try to get Audio sound clips to show inline via a Tweet. Is this even at all remotely possible? The APIs do not seem to support it. As well, when we implemented the feature via Cards, it does not show inline. The user has to click for details, then click the media, all to be directed to a page outside of twitter to listen to the sound clip. All of which is less than ideal for the Twitter user. What is the best way to go about doing this, is it even possible?

Thanks for your assistance…


Did you follow the documentation for implementation, validation, and submission for approval?



Yes. To provide a bit of background, we have been approved for both player and audio cards. However, we have peculiar problem whereas the player card shows inline and as expected from the browser. However, the audio media does not show inline when the tweet is viewed from the official Twitter mobile application or any other twitter mobile application. Mobile Twitter users instead are directed to click the tweet for details, then are taken to a detail page, then prompted to click the media which in turns takes the user outside of twitter to our site to view the media. We’d prefer the user to be able to click the tweet and play the media from within twitter just as they could if they were to view that same tweet within a browser.

Ideas on how we could accomplish this?