Cannot Unsuspend @RandomCommentz on mobile


Hello, I have been unsuspended, claiming I have replied/mention people too much. Though I disagree with this, I would recommend a staff member to review the suspension. Additionally, I am unable to Unsuspend my account, since this is the first time I have been suspended. All it does is lead me to a twitter list that does not exist. I currently do not own a computer since a few days ago. Please fix the bug ASAP!
Thank you


This is a forum meant for developer questions. I doubt anyone here will do-- or can do anything about your situation.

You can fill this out and appeal your suspension to support


The link you have given to me redirects me to the unsuspension page. Unfortunately, ticking everything, typing the numbers proving I’m a human and tapping on confirm would still take me to the page that does not exist. This is why I posted in the Dev help, since there are no other help pages I can post about.