Cannot un-pause a campaign


Just walked out of Ad API orientation tech talk, trying to launch a new campaign:

Using Ruby SDK, commend line:

twitter-ads v0.2.5 >> campaign.paused = false
=> false
twitter-ads v0.2.5 >>
=> #<TwitterAds::Campaign:0x70328694357260 id="3jab9">
twitter-ads v0.2.5 >> campaign.to_params
=> {:id=>"3jab9",

Note that the campaign is still set to paused. How come?



@nexalogy Thanks for reporting this issue.

This was a genuine bug in the latest release. We were incorrectly handling boolean values in this scenario as the result of a recent change in a core code path.

If you update to v0.2.6 this has been resolved.

gem update twitter-ads

More info here: