Cannot request approval for different card types


We’ve already received approval for ‘summary large image’ cards, and when we try to get approval for a different card type (summary cards in the example) the ‘request approval’ button does not appear.

We’re trying to get approval with this URL:


bump - agreed - we have the same issue.

We implemented Summary Large first and now that we’re implementing Summary there’s no ability to request the needed approval.


Just to bump this - we still cannot see the ‘request approval’ button for the ‘summary’ card type. Is there a bug or another issue?

Here’s the URL we’re testing on


Sorry for delay. Digging in here on eng side.


@rchoi thank you very much! do you have an update on this issue?


@rchoi Exactly the same situation with @AmnestyUK.

Please fix it asap!!!


@rchoi any update please?


this is resolved for us - thanks!


Thanks for this update. We’ve semi-recently made it auto-approve for non-Player cards, so it should not be an issue anymore.

If you see this, please open a new thread in the community and We’ll take a look.