Cannot read property 'reject' of undefined



I have created a widget on by going to “Widgets”.
Filled out the form and copy pasted the JavaScript. But when I load the page all I get is an error.

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'reject' of undefined 

It is on where it breaks, so I don’t think it is something I have done.

I get this on Chrome, but it alto doesn’t work on Safari and Firefox.


Hi Noë, could you please provide us some more information and we can try to help debug the problem. Thanks.



Well as a proof of concept I wrote this html file:

Tweets by @noesnaterse

That is the part that was pasted from
You can try it too, and then you get the error in every browser on every platform.


I have the same issue here using twttr.widgets.createTimeline

var Deferred = { twitter: (function() { return $.ajax({ dataType: 'script', cache: true, url: '//' }); })() };
deferred.twitter.done(function() {
			barrelData.iframe = iScrollIframe(el);
		}, {
			theme: 'dark',
			linkColor: '#f6fea2',
			height: container.innerHeight() - ('small' == screenDetect.size() ? 50 : 0)


Hi Noë,

Can you delete your widget, recreate it, and try it again? That should generate a new widget id. I believe that particular widget id you shared was deleted. Hope this helps!

Also, on our side we should print better error messages instead of failing with that javascript error. Thanks for the report, we’ll try to fix this soon.


Hi Ara,

That seemed to have done the trick, however I did not delete anything.
So I don’t know how the widget got deleted.

But it works now, to thanks a lot!