Cannot Pull users for category


I’m trying to pull users for certain slug categories. When I attempt to pull them, I receive a:

404:The URI requested is invalid or the resource requested, such as a user, does not exists. Also returned when the requested format is not supported by the requested method.
message - Sorry, that page does not exist
code - 34

If I pull the categories to retrieve a list of slugs such as :

name=‘Music’, slug=‘music’, size=54
name=‘Sports’, slug=‘sports’, size=85
name=‘Television’, slug=‘television’, size=60
name=‘Humour’, slug=‘humour’, size=31
name=‘News’, slug=‘news’, size=30
name=‘Entertainment’, slug=‘entertainment’, size=33
name=‘Government’, slug=‘government’, size=18
name=‘Fashion’, slug=‘fashion’, size=17
name=‘Food & Drink’, slug=‘food-drink’, size=27
name=‘Business’, slug=‘business’, size=9
name=‘Art & Design’, slug=‘art-design’, size=33
name=‘Science’, slug=‘science’, size=6
name=‘Technology’, slug=‘technology’, size=9
name=‘Travel’, slug=‘travel’, size=12
name=‘Poetry & Literature’, slug=‘poetry-literature’, size=22
name=‘Politics’, slug=‘politics’, size=16
name=‘Charity & NGOs’, slug=‘charity-ngos’, size=17
name=‘Québec’, slug=‘québec’, size=25

The same call works but only if I use a slug from the above list.

If I use another slug such as ‘nba’, ‘twitter’, etc I receive the 404 error.

Any insight on why I can’t pull for slug categories that aren’t listed above?


Hi Pete,

I’m having difficulty reproducing this issue with slugs returned from users/suggestions/. Are you still experiencing this behavior and is it consistent or intermittent? It would also help to know what part of the world these calls are being made from and if you are providing any additional parameters with the request.