Cannot properly use premium API with C# nor Python



With C# we have tried to use http requests with the information in the documentation, with both user authenticacion and the aplicatiton-only one(which lead to only 401, 403, 404 messages), tweetinvi (which could authenticate as a user; but failed to retrieve data in a simple query with a point_radius filter), twitter2LINQ (no capabilites on our requirements) and Twitterizer (that correctly authenticated but presented an error about no permissions on the requested resource).

On the other hand, with Python we tried using searchtweets library but couldn’t find how to properly use the filters, as we want to input coordinates and radius as the documentation mentions as posible. No place in the docs in github to find that information.

It seems as if no way to use the premium API (sandbox one) including a point_radius exists, is that the case? If so, what would be a workaround this issue? Thanks in advance for your help.


The premium search APIs use a different query syntax described here:

The point radius search is
point_radius:[lon lat radius]
point_radius:[-105.27346517 40.01924738 0.5mi]
point_radius:[2.355128 48.861118 16km]


Yes, we knew that. But I found a bit complicated to find a way to implement a simple search of this filter in the mentioned languages; as there are no examples of its usage.

But we have done so. Thanks.

It would be nice for you to have examples as with cURL, with Python, Ruby, C#, etc, i.e, with several and different filters.


Thanks for this feedback. Ultimately we haven’t yet been able to build examples in every language, and we look forward to seeing more open source implementations for different environments that target our new APIs. We’ll look at improving the documentation to make things more clear with examples as well.

If you’re able to share your solution to accessing the API then I’m sure it would help a lot of other people for the future :slight_smile:


Hello there,

In the future Tweetinvi will provide additional feature, including the “premium” API. But for that I will need to have some access to it.

If you are happy to share it privately with me to allow me to test the endpoints, I will be happy to help you.

Though please note that such feature will not be implemented before the 19th of June as we have a lot of our plate at the moment.