Cannot migrate from Fabric to Twitter Kit


I’m trying to migrate from Fabric to Twitter kit by going to

But i’m getting the message 'We could not find any apps that need to be connected for that email address."

The app is there in my account, so im baffled.

Kindly help!



Hey @suave_art,

Please send me an email with your consumer key to efrohnhoefer at and I can look into the issue for you.


We are having similar problems migrating from Fabric to Twitter.

After following the link sent via email from the connection tool and selecting the app to connect, we are redirected to a confirmation page with the error “Sorry, we are unable to process your request at this time.” And the app is not actually migrated.

The account we are trying to connect to is @randomosdinf123 (It’s a valid account but not public-facing so the name is intentionally a bit obscure.)

Thanks for any help you can provide!



Feel free to send me an email with all the relevant details to the address above and we will investigate.