Cannot link created cards with campaigns


I have created campaigns and cards. How I can link the cards with campaigns with API? Which api I should use to assign cards to campaigns?



Hi @qdeveloper - If I’m correctly understanding what you mean, you associate a card with a tweet, and the tweet with a campaign.

When creating a promoted tweet, simply concatenate the “preview_url” from the card into tweet status text and the card will be associated.

Hope this helps!


Hey @qdeveloper.

Unfortunately you cannot link cards to campaigns directly. You have to associate a card to a tweet, then you can take that tweet and assign it to the line item of a campaign. But in order to do all of this, you need to be mindful of the type of card that you create (read more here). For instance:

  1. If you create a Website Card, you can only associate that to tweets in a WEBSITE_CLICKS campaign.
  2. If you create a Lead Gen Card, you can only associate that to tweets in a LEAD_GENERATION campaign.
  3. If you create a App Download Card, Image App Download Card or an Video App Download Card, you can only associate that to tweets in a APP_ENGAGEMENTS or APP_INSTALLS campaign.

The way you attach a card to a campaign is by following this workflow:

  1. Create a Campaign
  2. Create a Line Item (make sure to keep this line_item_id)
  3. Create your Tweet (attach the card) (make sure to keep this tweet_id)
  4. Create a Promoted Tweet (pass in your line_item_id and your tweet_id)

And you should be done!


Thanks a lot. It’ very helpful. I will have a try. Thanks again :grinning:


Thank you for your advice. I will have a try~



But another question comes to me. Since I want to attach a card to a tweet, I suppose there should use card_id to specify which card. However, in POST accounts/:account_id/tweet, it seems no such card_id put as the input parameters. If so, how I can associate a card with a tweet?