How can I get “line_item_id”, “Media creative name” and “Media creative ID” by account_id.
In, I just cannot get “Media creative name” value.
Thank you very much.


Hello there,

While you can pull “line_item_id” and “media_creative_id”, “Media creative name” is not part of the response as indicated here. It is not something we expose through API.

However, you can pull data for specific “media_creative_id” by making this request “/1/accounts/account_id/media_creatives/media_creative_id”

I hope that helps.


Thank for your help. But, it is still not my expecting answer.
The main problem is I cannot get media_creative_name. So, do you know how can I get media_creative_name value if I know media_creative_id value?


You can’t get media_creative_name


Because when I access the management screen . I see that I can download both media_creative_id and media_creative_name by setting them in the custom metric pop up. So, it is probably not supported in API. I am not sure about this. Is there any document which talks about this?
You can see them in the below picture:



We’ve highlighted the part of the API documentation that explains this in more detail in our first reply. For your convenience, here’s the link:

While Media Creative name is available in AdsUI it is not supported in API.

Please let us know if you have further questions.