Cannot get from specific tweet



If I request for this tweet: while extended_entities is set to true, I cannot get the list of media which should include the woman uploaded to that tweet to return.

I’ve been banging my head on this all morning, am I doing something wrong or is this an API bug at this endpoint? I genuinely do not know what’s happening.

Thank you, all, I really appreciate the help.

EDIT: This is the image source that should return,


I am also having this problem. Some tweet ID returns the extended_entities but some dont. Even when the tweets do have objects in them like GIF or videos. Hope somebody can shed some light on this issue. Currently I assume the content is blocked by user.


Pulling that Tweet ID shows that the truncated field is set to true, which means that it is one of the new extended Tweets. Using ?tweet_mode=extended on the API call returns the full Tweet text and the extended_entities as expected.