Cannot generate access tokens


We are developing on the Ads APi and have Developer access.

According to the documentation, we should be able to generate five access tokens for our app, but we are limited to one token, which means that all developers are using the same token (with the same restrictions).

When we attempt to authorise additional users (to generate new tokens) we get the following error;

“Sorry, Please try this again later
This application cannot authenticate more users at this time”

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


@josephor can you confirm the application ID or consumer key for your application?


Hi Brandonmblack,

The App Id I think is 8117600, this was got from the URL of our app -
The consumer key is - weZM121hlhPvu4YxN4Ix9MJtc



Hi Brandon, just following up on this to see if you can help us move this forward to resolution?


@josephor your app has currently more than the 5 tokens and developer access to the Ads API limits you to a total of only 5. From the looks of it, none of the tokens associated with your app are new and they’re all older than 2 months.

For developer access, we recommend folks create a new Twitter application specifically for the Ads API. This application was created Thu, 26 Mar 2015 prior to the availability of developer level access to the Ads API.

Did you use an existing application that already had >5 tokens issued?


@josephor As @brandonmblack said, your application already has over the maximum number of tokens for your access level. From here, you can either a) Revoke the app via the currently authorized user accounts to free-up space or b) generate a new API key. If you choose to generate a new API key, reach out to your account manager with the new App ID and we will transfer the permissions.


Hi @brandonmblack & @jillblaz ,
Thanks for the reply.
We are not exactly sure where to revoke the app. Is this the correct page where we should revoke the app? Is there a way to see all users and tokens?
This application is only for Twitter ads API development, we have no problem with deleting and re-creating, is there any benefit in doing this over revoking access. If we recreate specific foe the ads API, what would be likely to change?