Cannot exclude retweets from TwitterKit user timeline



One of our developers recently pointed out to me that setting includesRetweets to false on a TWTRUserTimelineDataSource still seems to render a timeline full of retweets. After sniffing the HTTP requests being sent to the API, it appears that it’s adding the parameter include_retweets=false. According to the documentation, that should be include_rts=false.

And, indeed, testing both versions in Apigee’s API console bears this out: with the URL generated by TwitterKit, we get retweets, and changing that parameter name to the documented version excludes them.

We’re currently using TwitterKit 1.15.3, because we won’t be able to drop support for iOS 7 for at least a few months. If this is already fixed in 2.0, that’d be good to know, though.


@sfko Great report, much appreciated. While this isn’t fixed in 2.0.0, we do have plans to fix in an upcoming release and I can keep this thread updated if you’d like.


I would definitely appreciate knowing when the fix drops, @bonnell. Thanks!


Will do :slight_smile:


Is this the issue alluded to in the release notes for 2.1.0? Or is that something else?

Fixed bug where retweets are not filtered properly when using TWTRUserTimelineDataSource


@sfko That is indeed the fix :slight_smile: