Cannot embed (certain) tweets with date range


Trying to embed a range of tweets between certain dates from 1 account, but if the date ‘until’ is older than a week then I get an error … for example:

“from:madeira since:2015-06-01 until:2015-06-20”

… this will give a message “Hmm, an empty timeline. That’s weird.”

But if I set the until date to earlier for example 2015-06-25 … then it works.

Anyone can verify and/or explain this please?

Thanks in advance.


Sure, easy to explain - the Search API (which powers the embedded timeline widget) only provides around 7 days in its index, so any Tweets older than that will not appear, I’m afraid.


Hi Andy,

That has been recently changed then because I was using this before to display various range of tweets using the embedded search api … and it worked perfectly. Suddenly (few days ago) it changed its behavior (not showing the tweets).

Have a look at the webpages that uses this embed api (and worked before)

But now it does not work (??)

By the way … I cannot find this restriction mentioned anywhere online.

Please clarify.


An embedded search timeline widget displays only recent Tweets created within the last week or two.