Cannot Edit a Line Item's Bid Unit for Video View



Hello Twitter Staff,

It seems that we are not able to edit a bid unit Line Items. It doesn’t not even have the option in the PUT endpoint.

Here is the twurl:
twurl -X PUT -H “/1/accounts/18ce53yrq2p/line_items/5y5x7?bid_unit=VIEW_3S_100PCT”

Here is the response:
{“bid_type”:“MAX”,“advertiser_user_id”:3073813016,“name”:“PLEAES LET ME SWATCH”,“placements”:[“TWITTER_PROFILE”,“TWITTER_TIMELINE”],“start_time”:null,“bid_amount_local_micro”:10000000,“automatically_select_bid”:false,“advertiser_domain”:null,“primary_web_event_tag”:null,“charge_by”:“VIEW”,“product_type”:“PROMOTED_TWEETS”,“end_time”:null,“bid_unit”:“VIEW”,“total_budget_amount_local_micro”:null,“objective”:“VIDEO_VIEWS”,“id”:“5y5x7”,“paused”:false,“account_id”:“18ce53yrq2p”,“optimization”:“DEFAULT”,“categories”:[],“currency”:“USD”,“created_at”:“2016-08-12T16:53:39Z”,“tracking_tags”:[],“updated_at”:“2016-08-12T17:42:25Z”,“include_sentiment”:“POSITIVE_ONLY”,“campaign_id”:“5poc4”,“creative_source”:“MANUAL”,“deleted”:false}

Notice how the BID_UNIT is still “VIEW” - so it seems that it is not working when we try it anyways.

It is definitely present on the POST endpoint. Also, the Twitter Ads UI allows you to set the bid_unit for Video Views campaigns.

Please advise how we should proceed.


Hey @msbukkuri

The BID_UNIT is only a param on our POST endpoint and not on PUT since this is an immutable value once the Line Item has been created. In order to change the BID_UNIT to a different value, you will need to create a new line item with that value.

Hope that answers your question!



Hey @imit8me, if that is the case, why is it that I can edit it on the Twitter Ads UI? I’m confused. See screenshot:


Hey @msbukkuri

Thank you for pointing this out! We do allow advertisers to change the bid_unit only for VIDEO objective based campaigns. However this feature is currently only available within the UI and is unsupported by our API. We will be sure to make an update if this changes.


Unable to update bid_unit and charge_by fields for line item of a Video View Campaign

Thanks for the quick response @imit8me.

It is painful for our advertisers to switch between our tool and your tool to manage their advertising, it’s really not an ideal situation. If you could keep the API up to date as much as you can, especially on the publishing aspect of things, it would be very helpful! Thanks again.


I concur! We will definitely be announce updates if there’s any changes on this endpoint.