Cannot create app - name already taken


Hi there,
A while ago, we created an app “citease” under our “citease” twitter account. Following a name change, we have opened a new “topi” twitter account and we would like to rename the “citease” app to “topi”. That failed because the new name “topi” was apparently already taken. We thought this was because we already had created a “topi” account, so we tried to create a brand new “topi” app under our “topi” account but that failed as well.
Can anybody, maybe somebody at twitter, help us on this one?


It’s likely someone else has taken this name and you’ll need to either choose another or attempt to claim it for your own. If you have a trademark for the name, this process will be a bit easier. Start by emailing from the email address currently owning the application you want to become “Topi” and detail the name that you want it to become and whether you have a trademark for the name. The API policy team may be able to broker an introduction with the current application holder.


If a name was previously used by another developer to create a Twitter app and that developer has recently taken the app down, can we use that name to create a new Twitter app under a different Twitter account? And after how long we can do it?


Hi, Just waiting on a response to my claim for the use of Proper Puss. I have a trademark on this and someone else is currently using. Just wondering if you have received this and how long before it will be resolved.