Cannot adjust width of widget, which spills over onto other pages obscuring text. If no solution will have to remove from site


Does anyone have a solution for this? No matter what width value I put in, it reverts to 180px. I need the widget to be 150/60. It has NOT adjusted to the space available. When a piece of work is opened, the widget obscures the first letter of every line. You can see the problem here (top left) Sadly, if this cannot be resolved, I will have to remove the widget altogether.


Hi, The minimum width for the embedded timeline widget tool is 180px. I’m afraid this is not something we can revisit in the design for the time being.



I need 165 for the site, to match the width of the side blocks. Sadly, then, It looks as if I’ll have to remove it, as it’s obscuring people’s work, thus rendering it useless. Honestly, it wasn’t broke, so why did you ‘fix’ it?

You are going to have a lot of very p****d off people.