Cannot access


It is not a browser issue. Settings->Widgets can work for one account but not another in the same browser. My ‘proper’ account cannot access widgets settings in any browser or operating system, but a throwaway account I created can. I couldn’t even login to this site with my ‘proper’ account either, I had to use this throwaway to make this post.

The screen I get when clicking Settings->Widgets looks like this:

Widgets are still working, and new widgets can be created by accessing, but existing widgets cannot be modified.

I had this problem 9 months ago, it was fixed and it worked for a while, but now it’s happening again. Here’s the original thread (now closed) discussing the issue: Cannot access

Settings->widgets has not worked for nearly 20 months now


Although you have tested it on multiple accounts, please try clearing your browser history and cache.

If the problem is still not resolved, I suggest creating a support ticket at



please try clearing your browser history and cache.

Still not working.

I suggest creating a support ticket at

Have done now and in the past (when this happened before) but I never hear back from anyone.


It’s been almost a fortnight… still not working and not a word from Twitter.


It’s been over a month now with multiple support requests made (with no replies from Twitter) and still doesn’t work for my primary account.


It is now December (almost six months since I reported the problem this time) and settings->widgets still does not work for me. I have received ZERO human replies to any of the multiple support requests filed.

I sure am glad that Twitter devotes resources to useful features like changing stars to hearts instead of focusing on unimportant issues like ensuring the service actually works. /s