Cannot access


No matter how i attempt to get to the widgets page to create a new twitter widget for one of our websites I get a blank page no HTML is returned at all. If I log out of twitter and go to the widgets page I am prompted to login and then immediately get the blank page.

Cannot access
Settings -> Widgets Leads to error

I got the same problem, any solution?


I’m not able to reproduce at the moment, what browser is this occurring with?


Chrome on mac
Versión 37.0.2062.120

Also on Safari 7


I have the same problem both from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


I’ve had this problem for weeks now. I’ve contacted support several times and never get a reply. It is not a browser issue. My ‘proper’ account cannot access widgets settings in any browser or operating system, but a throwaway account I created can. Interestingly, I couldn’t login to this site with my ‘proper’ account either, I had to use my throwaway to make this post.

The screen I get when clicking Settings->Widgets looks like this:

Widgets are still working, and new widgets can be created by accessing, but existing widgets cannot be modified.


Andy, this problem is not browser related. Settings->Widgets can work for one account but not another in the same browser.

Settings/Widgets blank

OK thanks for the update - will look into it.


Andy, I don’t know what you did, but it is working for me again. Thank you!


It is NOT working for me still.


still not working for me


agneesze, were you registered on this site before the problem started? I wasn’t and also couldn’t log in here with my regular Twitter account.

Perhaps try creating a ‘throwaway’ Twitter account registered to a different email address like I did. See if it can access Settings->Widgets or not; my throwaway could when my regular couldn’t. My regular account started working two days later, which I assumed was the work of andypiper, but until he responds here we shouldn’t assume anything, especially because the problem isn’t fixed for everyone.


Thanks for the link!


TW51234466 - I was not registered before the problem started, so I do not have this problem that you had - when you created new account also to register for this site.

Andy - could you update?


Same problem here. I get an error every time I click on the Widgets item in the settings menu.


Apparently the same problem happens when we try to access our account’s widget list page (

The server answers with a 403 status and a blank page.

I’ve tried on my own twitter account and the page loaded just fine, but with our USIEvents account it always answers with a 403 status.

This is quite a serious handicap for our company ; help would be greatly appreciated.

Cannot access Widgets under settings

Hi. Same problem happens here, but answers a 500 status on a error page (“Sometings was wrong”, said).

If you know your widget ID (on the embed code), then you can edit by this way:[yourwidgetid]/edit


Thanks to you we were able to do the changes we needed. Kudos ^^d


Is there any update on this situation? I still can’t access my widgets via Can work around but would rather not have to.

Look forward to more info.


Issues with /settings/widgets were resolved a few weeks ago. What are you actually seeing?