Cannot access Advertiser API



I am trying to access advertiser api ( with Authorization header returned by Twitter OAuth tool.

When I send GET request with header, following response is returned:
“message”: “The client application making this request does not have access to this API”

The account I am using (not this one) is registered as a developer and has a twitter application. We are using the app to retrieve insights for some accounts. Now, we want to use twitter ads api for those accounts. Do we need to ask the account owners to grant advertiser api access to our application?
Also, above message indicates the application itself doesn’t have an access to advertiser api. Do we need Twitter’s approval for this?



Hey @darshanmehta - you need to apply to gain access to the Ads API - see the Ads API Overview page for details on the different tiers and for applying to gain access to the program.


Hello @andrs I am trying to get Access to Ads API, I applied to the program but haven’t got any response. I am from Mexico, Can you help me? Thanks.


Hi @hcmx please apply at and if you already did this, post a new thread with enough information (like App ID) for the program management team to be able to find your application.



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