Cannot able to fetch the user email address using "include_email" parameter in TwitterAPI [Winforms- C#]?



I am trying to develop login using twitter.
I want the email of the user in output json which returning by the twitter api.


I am also trying to do this in PHP. I followed the instructions here but I can’t see it in the result set returned…


Hi my friends,

I need the email address too.
Please can anyone help to fix this?



Did you solve it!
any updates
thanks in advance


The documentation on how to do this is here. What code are you using and what issue are you seeing?


Hello there,
I’m using login through our iOS app


Documented at


Hey Andy,
thanks for your help, i already request the email address as the image below but i’m not getting the email in the login response !

thanks in advance


Are you calling the API after login as documented?

Once authorized, the email address can be requested using the [TWTRAPIClient requestEmailForCurrentUser] method. It sends a network request with the required parameters and returns email in NSString.

If that’s not working, it may be that the email address on the account is not a confirmed one (in which case it will not be returned by the API).