Cancel button on Twitter Authorize page doesn't work with Firefox 6.0


When clicking on the Cancel button on the Twitter sign in page (… ) then a message box with the text “Please fill out this field.” pops up instead of the sign in being cancelled. This happened when using Firefox 6.0.


Thanks for the bug report, I’ve reproduced this and will file this with the team.


Excellent. Thanks.


Is there an update on this issue? It appears to be stalled at the moment. Thank you.


Over a year later and this is still a problem. Any movement on this? The issue is that both username and password are marked as required and the Cancel button is of type submit. So if the username and password aren’t already entered, events associated with the button don’t fire. This is pretty counterintuitive.


We believe this issue with HTML5 and the cancel button to be resolved. Please let me know if you’re still experiencing the issue. Thanks!


If you have a popup blocker enabled in the browser, the cancel button just stays on the same page and does not redirect back to the calling page. Since the OAuth authorize Twitter page comes up in the same parent window in this scenario, window.close() doesn’t close the window in almost all browsers, giving an impression nothing is happening and Cancel doesn’t work. Any thoughts on this?


terima ksih


can’t access twitter direct with with my pc help it appears wrong certificate even if i set my date to current