Can you submit another request for XAuth if you previous request was rejected?


I recently asked for access to my XAuth to be opened for one of my app. However, the reason that I provided seems not to be solid enough.
All I wanted is to have a native username/password login page in my app, with the current OAuth it’s a bit annoying that it is redirected outside of the app
and then back again. I want to provide a better experience for my users. The app right now is live and in production in the app store with more than 1k users. Why is it so hard to get this permission?


“OAuth is a bit annoying” is certainly not a valid reason we would grant xAuth access for. xAuth involves collecting usernames and passwords from Twitter users, which requires a massive amount of trust from both Twitter and the users themselves. We only grant xAuth in extraordinary cases.


Oauth is more than annoying it degrades the user experience that developers have put lots of effort into crafting. My recent request was refused, i didn’t get a reason why though.