Can you query WITHIN a user's timeline using Twitter Kit (android)?!



Hi, I am looking for a way to use Twitter Kit to query within a specific user’s tweets and to add the scrollable timeline to my Android app. SearchTimeline allows for querying by keyword, but I don’t see any way to query by keyword within the logged in user’s account. UserTimeline loads tweets for one specific user, but doesn’t have any query methods. Anyone know if it is possible??? Thanks in advance


There’s no method in Twitter Kit (or in the Twitter API) for doing this. You’d need to use the Twitter search API and use the from:username operator to search specifically for Tweets by that user, then add them to a timeline to embed in your app.


Andy, could you help me out with using the from:username operator?
Even when I ONLY use the from:username operator, without adding keywords to query with, the JSON still returns only the latest tweet. For example, when I used this, only my latest tweet appeared:

How do I get the json to return ALL of my tweets (or as many as possible)??

When I add the query, the JSON returned is empty. I thought it would be something like this (with the bolded text to be replaced)

The json that is returned does not contain any tweets. I checked with the advanced search, and the json does not correspond. Please help!


The search index only covers 7 days, so if you’ve only posted a status update once within that time span, then you’ll only get one Tweet back.