Can you promote Twitter Cards on the Ads API?



Is there a way to promote Twitter Cards on the Ads API?

Here is my use case:
I want to create a Summary Card, App Card or Player Card using a website URL
So that I can promote it within my campaign the Twitter Ads API

Any thoughts on this? Are there any intentions to make this happen? Pinterest has similar functionality where they have Rich Pins (very similar to the Twitter Cards) that are able to be created and promoted on their platform.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Nowadays you can’t do it and, in my opinion, Twitter will not focus on that.


Thanks @hector_borras, would be good for a Twitter Staff member to comment on this though.


I’m not a specialist on the ads API.

However - if you setup a site with cards markup for summary large image; create a Tweet containing that URL; and the use the API to promote that Tweet - would that not work?


@andypiper I will try this and report back. Thank you!