Can you post to Multi accounts with a single app?



Hi All, very new to the Twitter API so bare with me.

I have a client with multi Twitter accounts, which tweets in different languages.
e.g. MyCompanyUK, MyCompanyCA, MyCompanyUSA, MyCompanyFR, etc.

Am I able to POST to multi accounts through one app or will I need to set up an app for each Twitter account?



Posting simultaneous and identical content is against the automation rules. However, assuming each user account authenticates with your app and you have their individual tokens, you can use a single app to post on behalf of each of them.


Thanks for the reply. each tweet won’t be identical it will just be translated.
UK account:
tweet: “hello world”

FR account:
tweet: “Bonjour le monde”

But I guess a USA,UK,CA tweet would all be in english. hmm will need to think about this, don’t want to break the rules.