Can you pause promoted_tweets?


The promoted_tweet object has a “paused” property, like line_item and campaign, but there is apparently no PUT endpoint by which promoted_tweets can be updated. Is there some way to pause/unpause promoted_tweets? Am I missing something?

What happens (from the API point of view) when you check/uncheck a tweet in the UI? Does a promoted_tweet get created/deleted?

Is it even possible for a promoted_tweet to be in a paused state?




I’m facing the same situation, any updates about this?


Never mind I’ve just checked that in the UI we are able to pause/run at campaign level, not at promoted tweet level.


Hello all,

Any person from Twitter Staff could help us with this?



It is not currently possible to pause a Promoted Tweet; the only way to “pause” would be to DELETE and then POST the Promoted Tweet again.


Hi @andrs,

Thanks for your answer, really quick.

Do you have any future plan to allow developers to pause and resume promoted_tweets ir order to take variations depending on different factors?

I mean, maybe a tweet is perfect for night but not in the morning and in the same line item i’ve one that is the best in the morning and other that it’s the best in the evening.



We have debated about whether it should be possible to pause and resume Promoted Tweets, however we concluded that it’s not something we plan to do at present. The paused field itself might even be removed in the near future.

That being said, we are always talking about how we can make our API better, so your feedback is valuable. Thanks for the feedback!


What about statistic? If you delete promoted tweet and then create new one that means you get another id, right?


That’s correct @Jancic_A.

Edit: If you dis-associate a Promoted Tweet and then re-associate it, you will get the same id.


And how could we disasociate a promoted tweet?


By using the DELETE accounts/:account_id/promoted_tweets/:id endpoint :smile:

As per its description:

Disassociate a Promoted Tweet from a line item by specifying its instance id.

Promoted Tweet re-associaton

Hi @andrs, how would you re-associate a Promoted Tweet to a Campaign or a Line Item?

I get stuck for many days with this issue, since the PUT endpoint doesn’t work for deleted: true Promoted Tweets.

Thank you


Hi, please post your question as a new thread (feel free to reference this one) so it’s easier for us to track!