Can you help me? I'm not sure why the redesign of my site affected the Twitter card?


Can you help me figure out why my Twitter card looks like this?

I recently redesigned my site and rely on a plugin to tweet my posts (which are admittedly a bit complex in structure). Is there a way to fix this?


I’m not seeing the same thing - I’m seeing an error that refers to the fact that you don’t have a twitter:description field in your page.


Thank you. I fixed the earlier problem and the card looks good for a generic card.

But is there a way to configure things so that the card is a card for my Wordpress posts? I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this.


Do each of your posts have relevant markup in the header?


Yes. But there is a bit of a trick, that I’ve seen other website do with their twitter cards. The post URL points to a different site but I want the card URL to go to my site via post id number such as


Can you provide an example Tweet.


Are these cards or are they promoted Tweets with ad cards.


No, not promoted Tweets. Here is an example Tweet of what I’d like to do -


OK, so the card validator worked earlier today but is no longer working, even for a generic tweet (but I would ideally like to do the per post tweet as I described in my most recent reply). Is there a user-friendly, perhaps non-computer geek, guide I might study to help me with any of this? I’ve spent all day figuring out Twitter problems.


Can you provide an example Tweet and URL please


I’m utterly lost at this point. I provided a URL for my site earlier at earlier. I also provided a URL for what I’m trying to achieve which is

In the absence of a user-friendly guide, is there a plug-in you would recommend I try?


To me you should:

  • update twitter:card meta tag with summary_large_image not just summary as it is now
  • add description
  • look for unclosed <div> tag on your website - as those markup tags Twitter is displaying shouldn’t be there

Btw these are complete Twitter tags (I took it from one of my sites), just for your reference :slight_smile:

<!-- Twitter Card -->
<meta name='twitter:card' content="summary_large_image" />
<meta name='twitter:site' content="" />
<meta name='twitter:creator' content="" />
<meta name='twitter:title' content="" />
<meta name='twitter:description' content="" />
<meta name='twitter:url' content="" />
<meta name='twitter:image:src' content="" />
<meta name='twitter:image:alt' content="cover image" />
<meta name='twitter:domain' content="" />
<meta name="twitter:label1" value="" />
<meta name="twitter:data1" value="" />
<meta name="twitter:label2" value="" />
<meta name="twitter:data2" value="" />


Just a small note, the twitter:label and twitter:data fields are not required by any current Twitter cards (they are from the deprecated product cards that were withdrawn ~18 months ago).


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