Can you get your twitter feed in an RSS Feed?


No Twitter trends command…sorry!


This works perfectly. I put it right into Yahoo Pipes and it runs there well, too.


If you are looking to get RSS format from the Twitter API calls check out

Full disclosure, I did create the service. I was encountering many of the same problems a lot of you were having but couldn’t find a solution that allowed me to make different types of API calls. A lot of services are out there allow you to get a user timeline or something like that but they end up getting a lot of users and the API limits slow everything down. Tweet2RSS uses your own OAuth credentials (meaning you will have to authenticate with your Twitter account) so you get the rate limits all to yourself. And you can use any of the v1.1 API calls that are there. Take a look, it’s probably not perfect but it’s working for me so far and I’m definitely open to feedback.


So… just finding out about this and how there are ways for embedding etc… so now comes my issue. I am trying to run the twitter feeds in IRC off a bot. Usually when a user posted a new item, bot would post that into chat the details. Now with the api gone… ya… so anyone have an idea how to get a feed for irc to work? Really need rss support for that.


This is amazing. Could you also get it so the right time appears for each updated tweet?
Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks, man. This is super cool. Using it to alert me when a Bag of Crap appears in the @wootoff tweet stream.


I’m trying to integrate a RSS feed of my tweets into an App using TheAppBuilder. When copying the link created through your service, the tweets do not show up in the app. When accessing the RSS feed URL in my browser, I do see a lot of code.


Not familiar with the IRC/bot platform that you are using, but Tweetledee supports piping of Twitter RSS and JSON data to other applications through the standard output stream so long as the files are run from a server (local or remote) with PHP 5.3+. Perhaps your ‘bot’ could process the RSS or JSON through standard in and do its magic? Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about how to use the CLI syntax with the files.

Here is the project documentation:

You can reach me @pixsied or @csimpkins on Twitter.



@pixsied so here is a question, do you need to make an account for EACH feed? I mean I try to work with a few feeds that developers use to post their info and then we stream it into chat for users to see, so if I could use one account to grab for all of those, cool, I mean bot can grab any RSS feed and output the data to the room. Just need to know if it has to be a separate account per feed.




Check out this link to begin!:slight_smile:


So as it stands with Twitter’s API V1.1 - no more native XML and RSS support - well, that would explain why my iOS project wasn’t working. Thanks for nothing Twitter…


Unexpectedly, it directs me to I’m just trying to get @seldonmez 's tweet feed from It gives me this link that re-directs me to;[seldonmez]


Thanks so much for this! Between the death of Google Reader and Twitter not supporting RSS feeds natively, my daily routine has been upended. But with this and Feedly, I’m starting to get reacclimated.


Hi Matt - We really need a solution for twitter to RSS and were very excited to find your solution however we are getting an ‘Internal Server Error’ on the site you set up… Any chance you might be able to resolve? :slight_smile:
With much appreciation g


Ditto here. Really need a solution to this ASAP!


Not sure if you guys have been following the @tweet_2_rss account, but the Twitter folks shut down his service for the time being. :frowning:


How can I get the RSS URL for my companies twitter account then?


It’s not possible. It doesn’t exist. RSS is no longer served by Twitter.


how can i find my rss feed for