Can you get your twitter feed in an RSS Feed?


Great!thank you,I’ll try it!


My app using the rss url shows the time of delivery one hour later than my twitter feed??




Thanks for this. Is there a command for Twitter Trends?


How do I get the RSS for a Twitter search? A few days ago this worked but now it has stopped working.


i need my tweets RSS to connect my twitter to a nother social network… it means that i don’t have any other way to get my RSS …why are you doing this? its so annoying


Hello everybody,

Is it still possible to generate RSS feeds since the new API v1.1 ?

The followings no longer work since the new version :
User timelines :
List timelines :
Search timelines :

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:


Very disappointing. Losing faith in Twitter. They keep pulling the rug out from under us.


Embedded Timelines are a lousy substitute. Shame to see Twitter go closed this way, it certainly makes the service less useful to me.


I am testing out the suggestion on - as well as an XML feed creator, but it does look like the former is working ok for now. There are also 3rd party feeds like that can be used, but they seem to redirect some of the links these days.


Drive link is down any mirrors?


Yup, I sent a tweet to the creator. Hopefully he’ll put up a mirror or something.


Check out @labnol. He’s just uploaded a mirror of the script. It works perfect.


API v1.1 is not supporting RSS anymore


not working with API v1.1
please help @jack @biz @ev


guys, try these out,




These commands no longer function after the Twitter API 1.1 update. Check out the Tweetledee project on GitHub for a new approach to the “old” Twitter feeds that work after the API change. Free, MIT licensed, and open to anyone who would like to contribute to the project. Feel free to fork and submit pull requests.




Unfortunately, these are no longer working after the API change. See my reply below about Tweetledee which will provide RSS feeds after the Twitter API changes.