Can you get your twitter feed in an RSS Feed?


I would love to add our Twitter feed to our app, but to do so I need it in an RSS feed. Any way to find that?


Does API 1.1 no longer support RSS feeds?

Yes, you can currently do this. We consider RSS just another output format for the API. Your tweets are part of what is called a user timeline. The RSS URL for your account would be:



I was also looking for an answer to this. However, when I tried the above, I get the following page:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

Not authorized

Am I doing something wrong? I’m using the url
I would appreciate any help.


Never mind, I fixed it. I figured out it was because I had “Protect my Tweets” checked in my account options.


hi,@wcjc993,can you tell me how to make rss feed work on our own applications?
thanks in advance


I am using this code to put my twitter feeds on my website, but it goes in and out. There are times when the site pulls the feed just fine and it is there, but most of the time it says unable to download feed or page not found. Any ideas why it is not always able to get the feed? Thanks.


User timeline, Twitter search, and user favorite RSS feeds can now be generated with Pixsy using the following commands:

Twitter Search Feed:
.twitter -rss [enter search term(s)]

Twitter User Timeline Feed:
.twitter -rss-u [enter Twitter user]

Twitter User Favorites Feed:
.twitter -rss-f [enter Twitter user]

This generates encoded URL’s that you can enter into your feed reader. Hope that this helps! You can find Pixsy at


episod thanks for the help,now i can use feed twitter to other blog


Thanks for the recommendation - didn’t know you guys existed. very handy.



I am having issues getting our feed to pass a validator test.

The URL that I am using is

I’ve been getting the following error: line 2, column 0: Undefined root element: hash

When I type the URL into my address bar it works just fine, but when I try and set it up with the feed reader on our website it does not work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



The RSS URL is not working for me either in a feed reader. WordPress widgets for Twitter feeds aren’t working. What a pain.


Just in case this is useful for anyone…


Am I correct in reading this Mashable article & understanding that this RSS support from Twitter will be discontinued on March 5, 2013?




So how will twitter support users who want to feed their tweets onto websites or blogs?


We provide [node:10248] for users who want to embed their tweets onto websites and blogs.


What about getting user tweets or searches out as XML/RSS?


I too found this useful, I was using Topsy’s API for searching Twitter and then subscribing to that RSS feed, but they have switched to a everyone must pay model.

Is there instructions on or even an about, because I don’t see anything like that in Safari, but the resulting RSS feed seems to work…


Disappointing, that is for Timeline RSS feeds too, not just keywords…


There’s a service I built called Siftlinks ( that takes all of your tweets that contain a URL and builds an RSS feed from it. Handy if you’re wanting to keep an eye on the news / articles posted on Twitter through RSS.