Can you filter GET campaigns / line items for active / paused objects?


Trying to reduce the number of objects returned from these calls:

I’d like to be able to filter the results for just active campaigns / line items or just paused. Is this possible?


Hi @ampushdev! It’s not, as it can be seen from the docs. But maybe a Twitter Staff will take this as a feature request and add it to their list. :slight_smile:


Yes, please! - we have some very large accounts that easily hit rate limits unless we can filter out Deleted objects.

Would it be possible to prioritize this?..


Best option here is store un your side campaign status and data


@ampushdev: deleted objects are filtered out by default, for campaigns as well as line items (see the parameter with_deleted). I guess you meant active / paused.

Yes, your best bet is to save this data on your side, like @hector_borras said. Then, you could regularly check for new campaigns - you can sort that call by created_at-desc and save only the new campaigns.