Can we navigate user back to previous site after log in for twitter button?


If user is not signed in yet, user is navigated to twitter sign in page after clicking on an iframe twitter follow button. Then after signing in, user stays on twitter page.

Is there a way to let user navigate back to the previous page after signing in?

If this is not possible, then it is possible let user signing in without leaving the original page? Is there any setting for the follow button?



In general, the Follow Button will be invoked in a pop-up window; the sign-up flow opens in another window too, so the user will still have your site open in the background after signing up and following the user. At present, there isn’t a callback to your site at the end of the registration flow the same way as there is at the regular end of the Web Intent, but I agree it would be nice to better link them. That’s one for the backlog.