Can we link to a Tweet Longer Service?


Hi! A while back I remember reading that you couldn’t alter the content of a tweet, and we took that to mean that we couldn’t allow our users to go over 140 characters. However, I see this now:
2. General

If you allow end users to create social updates from your own social service or a third party social networking, micro-blogging, or status update provider integrated into the your Service (“Update”), you must also display a prominent option to publish that content (or a link if the Update is not text or longer than 140 characters) to Twitter. Only link back to the same Update or content on the other service if the Update is longer than 140 characters.

So does that mean that TweetLonger integrations (or similar systems) are allowed? Please clarify, thanks!



Sorry for the late reply, Tammy.

Extended tweet services are allowed, but it’s best to be careful around them, especially around protected users’ tweets, deleted tweets, and DMs. Ultimately, honoring the users wishes is supreme here – they should know when they’re using a feature like this and be made aware of any implications.


Thanks Taylor! As usual you’re a star :slight_smile:



Could you please elaborate what implications you are referring to?
I’m using Tweet Longer on which allows me to extent my tweets with longer messages and images. What can be wrong with that?


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