Can we get uploaded videos from twitter


Hi Guys,

Wants to know can i get my twitter account videos data and play that video on my website.
Is I required any permission from twitter for that.


If the videos are attached to a public Twitter account, you can find them in the extended_entities section of the Tweet object. There’s no specific endpoint to get videos from an account, but you’re free to fetch the Tweets using the API and check for those.

The easiest way to have your Tweets on your website would probably be using embedded Tweets or timelines via


which api should i use for getting all my tweets.


or any other. Because i only need


this tag.


You can use search/tweets to fetch up to 7 days history of Tweets from your account, assuming that your account is indexed, using the from: operator. You can scope this just to Tweets with video using the has:video operator.

You can use the statuses/user_timeline endpoint to fetch up to 3200 Tweets from your account. There are no useful ways to filter these for just Tweets with video, you’ll have to check each Tweet.

In both cases you’ll need to page through the results and parse out the entities.