Can we get all rate limit details in one call?



How to get all Get calls and Post calls rate limit with one API calls?



Hey @Salashah

We return the rate limits on the headers of our API responses. Please take a look at our dev docs for more details.


OK, I need another confirmation on the rate limit.

Let say I plan to make a POST call to CAMPAIGNS and LINE_ITEM endpoint separately each.

From what I understand, the header will return the remaining rate limit.

Let just say, I’ve never make a POST call and it is full remaining capacity… 300 value.

When I make a call to CAMPAIGN, it will got to 299. When I make a call to LINE_ITEM, will it got to 298?

Or each CAMPAIGN and LINE_ITEM will have 299 now that after I make the CAMPAIGN and LINE_ITEM call?


@Salashah: Try it out and tell us what x-rate-limit-remaining value you see when make those requests. Thanks!

Hint: Note the “Scope by Endpoint or Category” column in the Ads API Rate Limiting documentation.